101 Dairy Free & Egg Free Healthy Recipes – Book

101 Dairy Free & Egg Free Healthy Recipes

New Book Reveals How To Cook Your Favourite Dishes, Without Any Dairy, Eggs or Other Harmful Ingredients.

Dear Reader,

There was a time when I thought that it was impossible to cook without using cow’s milk, eggs or any other dairy products, until I met my husband and because of his allergies I had to adapt and learn to cook the same meals that I always loved but without any cow’s milk, eggs or even meat!

After several month and lots of research about healthy eating, I discovered it is possible, and that I still can enjoy all my favourite dishes. I also found out that I wasn’t eating really healthy and that I was damaging my body by eating dairy and eggs and all the chemicals that are added to regular food, I was putting on weight and for some reason I was tired all the time, that was it! I had to do something about it!

I decided to change my eating habits and started to eat the right things to keep myself healthy and I can say that I’m more energetic, happy and most importantly, healthier than ever…and I lost some weight too and some say I do look great now!

That’s why I want to share my secrets with you, because I want you to discover a new way of eating, a way of eating that won’t harm your body and that will make you feel good with yourself.

Let me introduce to you my new book:


dairy free egg free book

Inside you will find:

- 101 Dairy Free & Egg Free Healthy Recipes
- Several cooking and healthy tips
- Delicious Recipes like:

  Chocolate Fudge Brownies
  Carrot Lasagne
  Mac & Cheese
Sweet Pancakes

- Recipes that you can get done in minutes
and much more!

It is time for you to get access to a healthy way of eating, let’s avoid using Eggs, Animal’s Milk or even Meat; you can get all your vitamins and nutrients from vegetable and at some extent from fish.


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Heike G. Evans

NOTE: I’m planning to sell my book on Amazon soon and I might be forced to remove my book from my site because Amazon wants the exclusivity of my book, get it now before it’s gone forever!